3. Amendments to RSRE list

“The amendments come from sources in TNA, mostly confirming items in the Sleigh original which are not shown in the aircraft histories. The additions in the main come from looking at the AM Form 78 (Aircraft Movement Cards) and the equivalent (and generally more helpful) Ministry of Aircraft Production/Ministry of Supply Aircraft Record Cards.

Where I say ‘unconfirmed’, this either means that the relevant records do not show TRE/TFU/SIU/RRE/RSRE (etc.) connections, or that there are no records available. Air-Britain will be publishing a book on Fleet Air Arm helicopter histories soon which should clear up some of the missing items.

This is very much a ‘work-in-progress’ and will be updated periodically. The details are being entered on an Excel spreadsheet which records the dates on TRE (etc.) charge and the aircraft task where this is known”.

(Up-dated list from Phil Butler to be posted here in due course)

Phil Butler, May 7, 2009