Meteor WD686, the last ‘plane to fly out of Defford before the airfield finally closed for flying in 1958, has returned – or at least the fully restored forward fuselage, nose, radome, cockpit, canopy – returned to the RAF Defford airfield site, on August 28th 2018.

This section of the Meteor, immaculately restored in the workshops of the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection (BDAC) at Old Sarum is now on display under canvas for a period of eight weeks at the RAF Defford Museum, National Trust Croome.

Meanwhile, work continues on restoration of the rest of the aircraft at BDAC. It is hoped to be able to display the whole of Meteor WD686 at Croome (RAF Defford site) at some point in 2019.

Defford Airfield closed for flying and use for flying research on behalf of the Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) and by all other users, because the main runway was not long enough nor strong enough to take the new ‘V-bombers’ then coming into service. The whole flying operation of the Royal Radar Establishment, as it became, moved to nearby Pershore airfield.

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