New Exhibition for 2016: “Women of RAF Defford – Heroines of Croome at War” at RAF Defford Museum

A group of Wrens at the ‘Wrennery’, RAF Defford. Photo courtesy Mrs J MacKeith

RAF Defford, the secret airfield with buildings in the grounds of Croome Park, was the centre where British airborne radar, based on the inventions of the scientists at Malvern, was tested, developed and proven by flying trials, during the Second World War and after. 

The outcome was a series of remarkable achievements, which played a crucial role in victory for the Allies in the War, and the defence of the West in the Cold War which followed.

By 1945, there were well over 2500 people at RAF Defford. Of these, up to 600 were women. They played a vital role in the fight to stay ahead of the enemy in the battle of the air waves, often in dangerous and demanding circumstances.

After the War, what had been achieved by these women was forgotten. This is their story.

The exhibition in the RAF Defford Museum is open to visitors on Sunday January 24th 2016, and thereafter seven days a week for at least three months.  The Museum is open daily from 11 am to 4 pm.

Find out more about visiting the RAF Defford Museum at Croome on this page.

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