Can you help? Volunteering opportunities at RAF Defford Museum

Can you help us by volunteering at the Museum?

Working jointly with The National Trust, we are embarking on a volunteer recruitment drive, to staff the RAF Defford Museum at Croome.

It is planned the Museum will be open from 28th September, 10:30 to 16:30 (16.00 in winter), seven days a week. For every hour the Museum is open to the public, there will need to be at least one DAHG-trained, National Trust enrolled volunteer Museum Steward on duty.

Volunteer Museum Stewards will play a vital role, talking to visitors and helping them understand the history of RAF Defford and its achievements.

Volunteers will receive the general induction normal for Room Stewards, with specialist training involving DAHG for their role in the Museum.

As National Trust registered volunteers, Museum stewards will be receive various benefits and privileges, and join a group with a high degree of team spirit.

Can you help us?  Contact us for more details or contact Peter Colwill on 01684 584717 for a chat about volunteering.

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