Report on RAF Defford Reunion, 7th – 8th July 2012

The Reunion 2012, was held at Croome Park on Saturday, July 7th, to coincide with the National Trust’s ‘1940s Weekend’ on July 7th/8th.

"Welcome to the Reunion of RAF Defford"

RAF Defford Reunion, 2012

Unfortunately, the weather was appalling, with rain and drizzle most of the time. On the Friday we put the marquee up in the rain (and helped other exhibitors with theirs), over the weekend we tried to divert the stream which otherwise ran through the tent; on Monday morning we took the marquee down – it was still raining. Not surprisingly, the BBMF Hurricane fly past was cancelled due to the low cloud.

Nevertheless, the doughty veterans of RAF Defford were not put off by the rain and the mud (they’d seen it all before), and were well represented. We had a good turnout of DAHG members. Visitors from the general public to Croome showed a great deal of interest in our display, and we’d like to think it was not only because our marquee offered some shelter from the weather.

Ah, well… We can’t help the weather. But in 2013, we hope to insulate ourselves from wind and rain, by holding the Reunion in the warm comfort and pleasant surroundings of Defford Village Hall, where we can revert to the practice of earlier years by enjoying a Lunch to mark the occasion.

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