TFU Defford survivor in Argentina?

Stephen Reglar has e-mailed Bob and Dennis as follows:
Roger (Wintle)  has pointed out to me that Canberra WH702, which served with RRE, subsequently went to Argentina as B-105, and is preserved there. So a surviving Pershore aircraft. Looking at your list on the DAHG site it doesn’t appear as either a Defford or Pershore resident with TFU/RRFU. He tells me that it came to Defford in 1953 and was a “cinderella” aircraft which quietly got on with her work behind the scenes and didn’t feature or appear in any photos that he knows of. It was purchased by BAC in 1968, reworked and then sold to Argentina in 1969 as a B.62.
Having done a bit more research on her I find that the records show WH702 was delivered new in 1953 to Radar Reconnaissance Flight (see below); taken of RAF charge 25.07.57 (presumably to MoS charge?). Involved in RRE “Red Setter” sideways looking radar trials 1954-56, “Green Satin” trials 1954/56 and later G-Band experimental radar development. SOC 05.09.68 at Pershore. Purchased by BAC and flown out of Pershore 05.11.68. Reworked by BAC and sold to Argentina. Given B Class regn G27-127 at BAC 01.71 and delivered as a B.62 26.05.71.
A friend with a great interest in Argentinian Canberras has sent me the attached picture.

Not quite the same as Roger’s comments but, it shows in both cases, she was a Defford & Pershore based aircraft. and seems to have served RRE for 15 years. However, the records do raise an interesting point – Radar Research Flight. I don’t think this had any connection with TFU/RRFU. From the little research I have done the Radar Research Flight was formed at RAF Benson in 1951 with two Lincolns as an off shoot of an operational squadron. It subsequently appears at RAF Wyton with Victors as something connected with 543 Sqn and, I’m guessing here, seems to have turned into 51 Sqn. However, I need to do some more digging on that when time permits.
Canberra WH702 as B-105 in Argentina

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